Monday, November 30, 2009

Lost Coast for Thanksgiving

Garen had a 4 day weekend, and I managed 3. The day after Thanksgiving, we hit the road again. The Suburban is long gone, so Garen drove his 4Runner Camper Deluxe. We got a reasonably early start on Friday morning, and left the city behind.

It was great for the three of us to be back on the highway,

to catch up and practice our hillbilly accents, should we stop in Ukiah. Before long, grapevines and rolling hills zipped by. There was very little traffic, a short spattering of rain, and a bit of unsettling high speed sway from the Runner.
We coasted into Fort Bragg, always amazed at how far away you can get from the bay area in a few hours drive.
It was blowing like stink outside, and we decided that if we were going to freeze, we would not freeze thirsty.
Loaded up on groceries, fuel, and firewood and took the 101 a little farther north before turning off the asphalt. A dirtier truck and a short time later, we stopped on the bluff above Usal beach, where Camper stretched her brown legs.
The views were spectacular and similar in many ways to Big Sur
We set up camp down at the beach, had a few beverages,
and played with the dog
There was a woodfire, a tasty dinner, a beverage or two, some guitar playing, and an early evening. We popped up early the next morning, loaded up, and took off. The next long section of Usal Rd was much sloppier and fun
We passed redwoods and wreckage,
marijuana farms and mudholes
We emerged at Shelter Cove sometime midday, parked above Black Sands, and made another delicious scramble
Camper took refuge (forced by us) in the truck to avoid contact with a mean-spirited mange infested parking lot dog and his band of growling, half-starved ruffians. For her, memories of Guatemala must have come flooding back.
The weather was nice during the day, but cold at night. We over payed for camping next to the golf course and set up. The waves sucked, and we were happy to have left surfboards at home.
Sorry Pops, but there were deer everywhere! Camper even chased some off at night.
It got chilly that night, so we finished all of the beer. Woke up early and bee-lined it home. I had a 5pm shift in SF, and made it in plenty of time. It was a great trip and I hope to go again very soon