Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LATE UPDATE #1: Last leg, Baja AGAIN!!

We hauled ass from Sayulita (where we accidentally stopped posting) to Mazatlan, where we BARELY got on the ferry to La Paz. We showed up to check the schedule and they said we had about 3 minutes to pay up and get on, so we did. We actually had to run to the ship. We forgot to bring money and I forgot a sweatshirt, but we made it. Camp had to sit in a cage for 12 hours and we had to conjure up a story to tell the boat staff (in spanish) so we could sneak down to the truck and get money for some beers and food(forgotten in our hasty boarding). Either way, we made it to La Paz safe and sound. After a bit of shopping, BK eating, internet-ing and fussing with the truck (weird noises coming from gearbox), we headed across the peninsula to Punta Conejo....
We camped a bit closer to the waves than last time.
But waves there were not. When the wind wasn't blowing like hell, we read a lot,
ran around a bit,
played with big Camp,
goofed off,
went on some desert hikes,
saw some critters,
and really just enjoyed being back in Baja. After all of the different climates and types of terrain we've seen on the trip, Baja remains a favorite. It's quiet, desolate, remote, and there isn't much to do but surf and fish, but there's something about this place that can't be found anywhere else.
We stayed here at Conejo until our provisions just about ran out, and since there was talk of a good south swell coming in a few days, we decided to head north, see something new, stake out a spot, and wait for that swell...

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Mr_Wolly said...

the beach area looks like a BEAU-tiful place 2 kitesurf man..

fuh yeah..full on