Monday, September 28, 2009

Up thru CA on the way home

Wow. Here is a late post. We are back in the state, and have been for months now. Yesterday Garen found a replacement for my black camera cord, which is why we are now able to post these dated pics.
On the way back up to our corner of the state, we stopped in Camarillo for two weeks to visit Pops and Gma. Caught a Dodgers game, a brewery or two, the beach, and some Kern River rafting and camping (thnx to Jeanie, Jim, and crew)
The end of a run on the IK. Looking pretty dry here (unusual)

Camper swam every day and rinsed off all the Mexico

Camper's energy level peaked higher than it has in months. The cooler climates, better food, and decrease in surprise attacks by crazed feral night creatures have immediately improved her standard of life. She seems very happy. For Garen and I, 13 IPA's each on the first night did the trick. Thanks dad!
One afternoon, we set forth into a big-ass marina on dad's inflatable.

Got a look at how the other half lives

Our next ride south of the border

3 of us plus Camp was a tight squeeze, and yes, all the jokes about the hair have already been made

This boat is special because it was built the same year dad was born. teehee

Our driver made everyone nervous

We had a great time and even managed to get a few things accomplished: Registered the truck, cleaned and sorted all our gear, flooded a garden, helped build a shed, a 20lb charcoal warmer, ate steaks of cow and deer variety, watched Terminator 4, went to Taco Bell, and more stuff...
Grandma found a bottle of Smuggler whiskey!

We had a great visit with complete with huge dinners, ping pong, a round of yahtzee defeats for me, a trip to the Channel Islands Museum, haircuts, good coffee, a Lakers Championship!!!, and more funs tuff I am forgetting right now.

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